Why are GP Practices looking to FootFall to reduce costs?

Innovative Design

FootFall is designed to create a truly extraordinary and comprehensive digital practice. It is aligned perfectly to the needs of all the teams within a GP Practice, such as  Reception, Practice Nurses, GPs , Administrators and Medical Secretaries.

The system has been designed with our community of clients who have been giving their feedback and contributing ideas to FootFall. This has allowed us to do things together that none of us would be able to do alone.

Our approach means that patients are:

  • able to deal with many issues, questions and common conditions themselves
  • directed to another more appropriate health provider, or
  • directed to an online request facility if they do require more help. This online request is forwarded either to the Practice or the appropriate health provider.

Fully Loaded

FootFall comes fully loaded with the tools that give patients an easy way to help themselves, quickly find what they need and minimize their frustration.

Unlike the traditional delivery model for GP Practices which relies heavily on phone calls to the Practice with the patient making a face to face appointment or telephone consultation, our solution is designed to walk patients through the options available via a unique decision tree approach or self-help options. This allows patients to safely self-select their own solution but still gives them the ability to contact the GP or another appropriate provider if they need further help or advice.

Saving on GP appointment time

  • Encouraging patients to self-manage minor conditions
  • Signpost patients to health providers who can supply the service most suited to the patients’ condition.
  • Giving alternatives to making a GP appointment.
  • Reduce the time spent on minor illnesses such as coughs and colds to focus on patients with more complex needs.

Increasing Practice Resource

  • Allowing practice staff to process significantly more online requests to each telephone call received.
  • Gives Practice staff the time to respond to patients’ requests rather than having to deal with requests “on demand”.
  • Providing patients with an easy way to cancel unwanted appointments, thereby reducing DNA’s.
  • More effective management of demand – for example, enabling patient self-service, trusted online advice and guidance and local group assistance.
  • Giving greater capacity to the Practice to register more patients with the same resource.
  • Opportunity – deal with multiple requests in one location.
  • Significantly reducing the cost of patient contact.

Improving Patient Outcomes

  • Improves patient outcomes by shifting care into the right setting ensuring patients receive the right care in the right place.
  • 24/7 access to online resources, some of which provide immediate support.
  • Saves time as patients only need to attend an appointment when an appointment is needed.
  • Allows the patient to get answers to questions when they need it.