Implementation – 6 Steps

Step 1


Your challenges and needs are unique to you, so we start by learning about your Practice and what you want to get out of your intranet. Equally, you’ll get to know us and how our system works. We like to think that this initial step is the beginning of a lasting relationship that will empower your staff, save you money and help you get through CQC inspections.

Step 2


Once we’ve ascertained exactly what you need and what your goals are, we’ll map out your intranet and its content, and propose the best option for your team. This section of the process is crucial, as these plans form the foundation of your intranet.

Step 3


You receive a working intranet with your branding all the components that you requested. Again, we always ask for your thoughts and feedback. We’re here to make sure your intranet works perfectly for your Practice.

Step 4


This isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds, because we do the vast bulk of the work for you! We’ll send you easy-to-use templates for collating the information which you need to be in your intranet. Once we have the information back, we upload it – all of it. Then you and your team can test and review your now fully-loaded intranet, and we’ll refine it if necessary and make sure it’s the best it can be.

Step 5

Roll out

We’ll set up a web presence for select members of your intranet team. This gives you the chance to make final suggestions and allows us to tweak features if need be. We’ll also arrange training for your team on how to manage your intranet.

Step 6


Our support doesn’t end once your intranet is up-and-running. Your challenges and needs are sure to change over time. So you’ll receive regular product news and enhancements news for your intranet. We’ll also check statistics to ensure your solutions are continuously improving team collaboration.