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Oakham Medical Practice

oakhamIan Razzell, Practice Manager

“Our three practices cover a large geographical area and we have over 20,000 patients across all demographics, so we had to be sure that our new websites would be user-friendly, fast and easy to use. We want to encourage patients to communicate with us online so that we can maximise our administration and realise time efficiencies. “Our new websites tick all the boxes and have had a really positive outcome for the patients and the Practice. Since they went live we’ve had almost 1,000 online requests from our combined patient groups. That equates to a staggering amount of time saved, when you compare it to phone-in or walk-in interactions. Now, the patient can spend as long as they want on the website, without holding up a queue of other patients or feeling pressured by time. “Repeat prescription requests are the most popular overall, followed by registration for EMIS access via the Oakham website. Best of all, in total we’ve had 204 new patient registrations completed without endless trips back and forth to the Practice. We’re delighted with our new sites and we’re looking forward to developing our federation’s online presence and abilities with the other member practices. Something we’re all thinking about for the future is to have a single portal for Search Engines which will give vital ‘at a glance’ information to patients e.g. emergency clinical and pharmacy telephone numbers, and be linked to each practice’s individual site, so that users can click through to whichever one they need. Silicon have delivered far more than any previous provider and critically, their response time to any issues is minutes/hours, not days/weeks.”