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Intranets: why they tick so many CQC boxes

With the arrival of CQC inspections, intranets are proving to be an increasingly fundamental necessity for GP Practices and Health Centres. Being able to demonstrate that management systems, policies and documentation are kept up-to-date and available to all relevant staff is a must.

Case Study: Montpelier Health’s Intranet

A good example would be the intranet that we installed for Montpelier Health Centre in November – in just two weeks. They wanted it to be up and running in time for their December CQC inspection, and we made sure it was, including training their staff and having all their vital documentation uploaded into the system. Montpelier’s CQC inspection went very well, and we’ve been delighted with their positive feedback. We asked Ann Brewin Grogan,  Montpelier’s Operation Manager to share a few of her thoughts with us.

What, for you, is the key benefit of Silicon Practice’s intranet?
“Having one central communications point – particularly in relation to the ability to evidence protocols for the CQC. I used to work in a hospital, so I’m used to evidence-based protocols, but it’s different for surgeries, where documents and information may not necessarily be stored in one place or in a way that’s accessible to everyone. For me, it’s fantastic to be able to see that everyone who should have read a document, and to know if they haven’t!”

Why did you choose Silicon Practice?
“They had already created our website, and they also redid a website for another one of our practices, so it was a natural progression to ask them to supply our intranet.”

Did you consider any other sources, though?
“Yes; we had our own internal shared drive, and one of our other practices had their own intranet, but neither option was as good, as all-encompassing, as Silicon Practice’s intranet.”

Now that you have had your intranet up-and-running for almost a month, how do find it?
“Super. It’s easy to add information; it’s easy to use – and Silicon Practice gave us full training. We’re continuing to upload into it, and develop our use of it.”