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New beginnings for GP Practices

As the world of primary care continues to change, we have recently seen trends in the merger of GP Practices, with some relocating to new purpose built premises. The latest of these has been Church Lane Practice and Cannon Hill Lane Medical Practice who merged on 1 April to form The Nelson Medical Practice. Their new premises based in Raynes Park, London were built on the former site of the Nelson Hospital and provide state of the art health facilities for the whole community.

Case Study: The Nelson Medical Practice

The merger of Church Lane Surgery and Cannon Hill Lane Surgery to form The Nelson Medical Practice was completed in early April. Both surgeries provided healthcare for a substantial number of patients.  Church Lane had been a GP Surgery in Merton Park with over 17,100 patients, whilst Cannon Hill Lane had been a practice in West Wimbledon with approximately 8,300 patients.

Nelson Medical Practice’s IT and Finance Director Vincent Poncia explains: “A number of services which have previously been provided separately have been brought together under one roof, which obviously offers significant benefits to our patients.”

Whilst continuing to be a leading training practice, the new medical practice in Kingston Road (SW20) is truly pioneering. It houses a community pharmacy (opening in Summer 2015) as well as comprehensive secondary care and diagnostics facilities, enabling the Practice to offer patients a wide range of services. In addition the building hosts both mental health and community services providers.

Nelson Medical Practice needed its new website to be on a par with its ultra-modern new building and wide-ranging services, so our brief was two-fold. Firstly to create a brand which united the former practices and reflected the new Practice’s vision of excellence, and secondly to produce a website which duly demonstrated that brand value in both a visual and literal sense.

In short, the site had to be visually outstanding, contemporary and highly functional, mirroring the Practice’s ability to provide better quality, more integrated and cohesive services for its patients.

The site also had to fuel business growth in terms of patient registrations, and support the practice in its drive for patient-responsiveness and practice-efficiency. As a minimum it needed to incorporate digital tools and pathways which could assist patients to make the right decision regarding their choice of treatment.

It goes without saying that collating the new brand and website into one project involved a tight cross-collaboration of our creative, development and web editing teams. Our marketing workshop kicked-off the design process, shaping the site’s design and functionality, and we worked closely with the Nelson Medical Practice at all stages to ensure that it would realise their ambitions. Their new website is The Nelson Medical Practice.


Google has announced that as of 21 April 2015 “mobile friendly” will become a ranking factor in their mobile search results. This means that if a visitor is searching from a mobile device those sites that are designed for mobile use will be ranked higher.

From the analysis Silicon Practice has conducted using Google Analytics, we have identified an average of between 40-60% of all GP Practice website traffic is coming from mobile devices. So now is a good time to make plans for a mobile friendly website, especially if you are looking for a high ranking on Google from mobile devices.

If you are unsure if your website is mobile friendly, try out this Google Test Tool.