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New year, new product

Gary Hughes, The Waterfield Practice

What does FootFall actually do?

It gives us everything we need to run a reliable digital practice, and gives 24/7 support to our patients.

Across the board, it will save our staff a great deal of time, which in turn will allow us to be more organised and productive.

Patients can use it to make appointments; get sick notes and repeat prescriptions, and to ask medical questions – all without having to telephone or come into the surgery.
From our side, it gives us time to respond to patient requests and queries, rather than having to deal with them on demand as and when patients phone or physically come in. It all means that we can be more orderly and allocate staff time and resources more efficiently.

What are the advantages for your patients?

FootFall is hugely different to our website and will be of real benefit to our patients. It allows them to communicate and interact with us much more easily – and quickly too. No more hanging on the phone for minutes on-end!

Apart from the activities which I’ve already mentioned, patients will be able to synchronise their prescriptions and appointments; which is obviously great for those who have several conditions.

Also it’ll give those who have long-term conditions such as diabetes and asthma all the information they need in one place.

Is FootFall easy to use?

Yes, both for us and our patients.

For patients, it uses what Silicon Practice call ‘a decision tree approach’ to guide them through a series of options until they arrive at the right solution for their query, concern or health condition. It’s all very intuitive and easy to use. Silicon Practice have a great understanding of how Practices work and what they need. They’ve completely re-thought the digital interface, and designed it from the patient’s perspective.

For us, FootFall’s Administration Dashboard is very, very clear and user-friendly. We can easily stay on top of everything, including tracking and responding to patient requests.

With the nationally ageing population, how confident are you that patients will actually go online and use your website/FootFall?

It’s an absolute fallacy that older people aren’t tech-savvy. 20% of our patient list is over 60 so it’s very important that we cater for these patients. FootFall is very clear and well-laid out so we’re expecting our stats to exceed our current usage of over 8,000 visits each month.

How will you let everyone know about FootFall?

Most of our patients already use our current website for things like booking appointments, so it’ll be a seamless progression for them. All in-bound calls are answered with a recorded message giving the website’s address; the message also gives examples of what they can use the website for e.g. repeat ‘script requests. To make sure that every single patient knows about FootFall, we’ll use the Waiting Room TV screen, generate footnotes on prescriptions, and text and email patients too. We already use text messaging for about a quarter of our list, and emailing for about a third. There’s some overlap, but that’s alright. People would rather know about something like FootFall which can make their lives easier than be left in the dark!

Waterfield Practice officially goes live with FootFall in February, but you can have a sneak peek at the preview site ahead of time.

If you’d like to see what FootFall could do for your Practice productivity please visit our website or request a personalised demo by contacting Jane Oddy on 01793 710500 or email