Monthly Archives: February 2016

Touch the Digital Future

“FootFall has surpassed our expectations. It’s absolutely brilliant.” Gary Hughes, Waterfield Practice Business Manager

It’s been just 4 weeks since the launch of FootFall, the Digital Practice, and the early response has been incredible. We’re really excited to see other clients going live with FootFall next month.

So how has FootFall been received? How do Practices prepare their staff? How do they promote usage? What results can they expect? In this month’s edition we are answering these questions through the eyes of Gary Hughes, Business Manager at Waterfield Practice who has been an early implementer of FootFall.

We captured Gary’s diary and asked him about his experience in the first week of the roll-out of FootFall.

Day One
“I’m genuinely staggered at how many patients have made requests online. We’ve had 28 requests, just today!

That’s great considering we’ve not done a formal launch or announcement. We decided to leave it a full month before promoting FootFall, and then we’ll have regular campaigns throughout the year for different things, specific concerns. For example, we’ll push online prescriptions in the first campaign and then we’ll target asthma clinics in the second.”

Day Two
“Today was our first ‘Lunch and Learn’ day. I’ve asked all Practice staff to pop by and have some training at lunchtime throughout the week – it’s not compulsory, but I am providing sandwiches!

I’m really pleased with how many staff came along on this first day. More than that, I’m delighted with how engaged they all are. They can really see the benefits of FootFall, and they’re all saying how easy it is to use.”

Day Three
“All continues to go extremely smoothly; patients are continuing to communicate with us using FootFall online, rather than phoning or coming in.

The biggest positive for me is that the staff are absolutely thrilled with it. They’re all on-board; they’re all engaged; they’re all seeing and getting the benefits of the system – and that’s great.

From the very start, I wanted them to realise that this isn’t just a case of ‘here’s a new/different way for patients to communicate with us’.”

Day Four
“Patients registering for online services is definitely the most popular part of FootFall. That’s good to know!

Interestingly, almost a third of all visits are to the Common Illnesses Room. Silicon Practice have set it up so that patients go through ‘a decision tree’ process so that they can find the information or solution they need straight away without having to hunt through the site.

What pleases me about this percentage is that it means more people are discovering that their symptoms can be addressed by visiting a pharmacist; that they don’t need to come in and see a doctor and get a ‘script.”

Day Five
“We’ve had a total of 74 requests submitted online now. I’m turning into a bit of a stat fiend, but it’s all good! It’ll mean that after a few months I’ll be able to say ‘since installing FootFall, inbound patient calls to Waterfield have dropped by X percent’.

I asked our Senior Receptionist Bridget for her thoughts on FootFall, now that it’s been with us for a working week, and she said without a moment’s hesitation: ‘Oh, it’s fantastic. What a difference it makes! At first I thought oh my goodness, something else new to learn. But you know, it’s very easy to use’.”