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Four Practices Driving a Change in Patient Communication

The Rutland Medical Group (RMG) GP Federation is a federation of four practices: Uppingham Surgery, Oakham Medical Centre, Empingham Medical Centre, and Market Overton and Somerby Surgery.

The RMG needed their group identity to be widely known but locally connected; a striking brand that had ability to create individual identities represented by different Practices. An important part of the success of this solution was to create a way that patients could interact with the Practice online to achieve greater efficiencies for the Practice and allow patients to get answers to their questions without the need to phone or come into the Practice.


Simon Dobb, Practice Manager of Uppingham Surgery

“Silicon Practice’s solution was great – we’re very pleased with it! All four federation members’ websites share the same fresh, contemporary design in terms of layout and visual structure, but each has its own photos, branded colour scheme and logo. This way we’re all visually connected at the same time as retaining individuality. Also each website has its own services and online processes.

“I’m delighted with the result. I like the design: it’s clean and fresh. It’s exactly what I wanted. Plus it has a very user-friendly layout.

“More importantly, patients love the new online way of doing things. Within the first few weeks of launch all the sites were receiving a significant number of requests online. Between the 4th of December and the 18th of April we received a massive 1338 online requests! The most popular ones were ‘Ask the Patient Services a question’ and ‘Ask a Clinician a question’. Perhaps even better, we had 83 new patients register online.

“We’re delighted with it, and with Silicon Practice. Their contact level is just right. They quickly respond to our requests and are always available to give advice.


Claire Foster, Practice Manager of Empingham Surgery

“Our new website is great – it visually identifies us as part of the federation but it’s still ‘us’, still ours. It looks good and it’s working really well. We can update it ourselves if we need to, which is important; for example we can upload NHS posters and our Practice news.

“Also our patients really like it! We didn’t promote it in any way, we just went live, and their uptake has been great. It’s fast and easy for them to use.

“We’re getting online requests every day. Registrations are particularly high – they’re coming in thick and fast. Since the website went live, we’ve had 45 in total.

“Every online interaction saves us time and helps our efficiency levels, so we’re very pleased with the results.”


Ian Razzell, Practice Manager of Oakham Medical Centre and Market Overton & Somerby Surgery

“Our three practices cover a large geographical area and we have over 20,000 patients across all demographics, so we had to be sure that our new websites would be user-friendly, fast and easy to use. We want to encourage patients to communicate with us online so that we can maximise our administration and realise time efficiencies.

“Our new websites tick all the boxes and have had a really positive outcome for the patients and the Practice. Since they went live we’ve had almost 1,000 online requests from our combined patient groups. That equates to a staggering amount of time saved, when you compare it to phone-in or walk-in interactions. Now, the patient can spend as long as they want on the website, without holding up a queue of other patients or feeling pressured by time.

“Repeat prescription requests are the most popular overall, followed by registration for EMIS access via the Oakham website. Best of all, in total we’ve had 204 new patient registrations completed without endless trips back and forth to the Practice. We’re delighted with our new sites and we’re looking forward to developing our federation’s online presence and abilities with the other member practices. Something we’re all thinking about for the future is to have a single portal for Search Engines which will give vital ‘at a glance’ information to patients e.g. emergency clinical and pharmacy telephone numbers, and be linked to each practice’s individual site, so that users can click through to whichever one they need. Silicon have delivered far more than any previous provider and critically, their response time to any issues is minutes/hours, not days/weeks.”

If you’d like some help on achieving a Digital Practice and moving more of your patients online, please give Jane Oddy a call on 01793 710500 or email