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The growth of GP federations: how getting together online can improve patient services.

Sharing best practice has always been the bedrock of primary care within the NHS.

Now, with the pressure on resources greater than ever, this approach brings added benefits, because when surgeries come together to share best practice and skills they create economies of scale across a federation.

Below we highlight three examples of how federations can incorporate Federated FootFall to help achieve these goals.

Sharing delivery of neighbourhood/locality services

At Silicon Practice we have seen an increasing number of practices using a federated way of working to continue to provide high quality care in spite of the growth of demand.

This federal approach is highly effective when it comes to the digital world, where sharing is made much simpler by the removal of geographical constraints.

So we have responded by creating and launching a federated version of FootFall, which has been designed specifically to support the movement towards maximising economies of scale and enabling practices to promote and share resources.

Standardising Policies

Typically, individual practices produce their own patient policies required by NHS England.

Federations we are working with are now standardising the practices’ patient policies across the piece. Once these policies are on their Federated FootFall site, changes made in the future will be automatically populated throughout all their individual sites. This shared approach frees practices of the administrative burden of updating these individually.

Standardising the Patient Experience

With care navigation now being seen as critical to ensuring patients get treatment appropriate to their needs, forming a federation can help deliver a consistent experience of care navigation across a neighbourhood. Using a Federated Footfall site greatly enhances this approach, by helping patients get the help they need within their community and by strengthening the work of local groups which can help support patients, carers and families.

Supporting Collaborative Delivery of Extended Services

Services like physiotherapy or community pharmacy can be easily shared and promoted amongst multiple surgeries. A Federated Footfall site is an ideal way to help effective delivery of these extended services because requests, appointments or messages from patients can be directed straight to the provider.

Our first Federated FootFall site is being launched by Lea Valley Health. The High Street Surgery, in Cheshunt, is piloting the approach prior to roll-out to the other seven practices within the locality.

If you are interested in finding out more about Federated FootFall for your area, please get in touch with the team here at Silicon Practice.