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Flu Vaccinations: Tips to help boost your service this season

As flu vaccine targets have been increased for this year, now is a good time to promote your flu vaccination clinics. This has added impetus as there is now additional competition from other flu vaccine providers. To help you run a successful flu campaign online we’ve pulled together the following 7 tips which we hope will give you some ideas and inspiration when planning your online promotion.

Our hints and tips

  1. Sending text messages
    Using text messaging that includes a link to flu vaccine information on your website is becoming an increasingly popular way of getting a good response from patients. For instance, The Quarter Jack Surgery have sent out a text to their patients with a link to a flu form on their website inviting patients to book their flu appointment online. A similar approach has been adopted by Flitwick Surgery.
  2. Twitter campaign
    Many younger patients who fall into the clinical risk groups will engage with social media. If you are using social media as part of your online promotion, consider using popular culture references to engage different groups. An example is the above picture which references Game of Thrones.
  3. Promote positive aspects of your service
    Publicise the fact that your service is free. If you are also promoting health checks and advice that other providers don’t supply, put this in your message.  Try to avoid negative text about other providers, and instead positively explain the benefits of the service that your Practice provides.
  4. Publicise FAQ’s and myth-busters
    To encourage take up, directly address some of the myths surrounding flu vaccinations.  There are many examples online that you can utilise, such as NHS Choices.
  5. Use pictures and videos
    Incorporating pictures and videos in your messages will grab people’s attention, particularly if you are using Facebook and Twitter.
  6. Combine flu jab sessions with other events
    If you are planning to combine flu jab sessions with other events, such as talks or coffee mornings, publish this on your website. Use your Patient Group to help involve people and create news on your website or Twitter feed.
  7. Staff training
    Create a buzz internally and train your staff about your flu campaign so that any staff member can immediately answer patients’ questions. You can get help with your internal communication campaign from resources such as NHS Flu Fighter and get ideas such as videos that you can put on your website from the 2016 flu fighter award winners.
If you would like some help on promoting your flu campaigns on your website, please contact the team at Silicon Practice.