Coronavirus Customer Advice

Silicon Practice have been closely monitoring the spread of coronavirus in the UK – here’s an update on our continuing response to the situation and how we will operate should the virus continue to spread and/or become a pandemic.

Coronavirus Notices on your site:

To make sure that your patients are getting the latest coronavirus advice via your site we have put in place the following process:

We are kept informed daily by either or nhs uk of the latest coronavirus information. We have a dedicated team that reviews the updated message and prepares this for your site. This will be on your website usually within an hour of the information being released by or This is a mass update that allows us to update all our customer sites at the same time ensuring that there is a consistent message for all patients.

If you have any practice specific changes regarding coronavirus such as temporary practice closures, please can you let your website editor know and these will be put on your site separately.

We will update our Coronavirus page on our website regularly to ensure that customers are kept up to date on our latest plans.

Pandemic Response Plan

We have developed a contingency plan that takes into account the current and potential impact of a coronavirus pandemic and how we propose to manage the risks associated with the disruption, including to service delivery and our workforce together with the communication of the plan to our customers.

Critical Suppliers

We have been in touch with our suppliers, including the operators of our data centres, to confirm that they have pandemic resilience plans in place. This is to ensure that our service continues to operate and that your site will remain live and available to you and your patients.

Reduced Staffing

We have designed our system so that we can operate with reduced staff levels. If our staff numbers are depleted due to illness we will go into Reduced Staffing Mode when we will only be making essential and critical updates to sites. We will let you know if we enter this phase.

Office de-camp

Our number one priority is to keep our services up and running whilst keeping our team safe. We will communicate to clients if we have to de-camp from our office. We are equipped to work remotely and should be able to run close to a full service. However, it may be more difficult to do some things so we will let you know what editing we can complete should we reach this stage.

Protecting Customers and the Silicon Practice Team

To reduce the potential spread of the virus we will:

  • Reduce visits to customers and encourage WebEx meetings in their place.
  • Promote handwashing and the use of hand sanitisers in particular on arrival to the building and before eating.
  • We will suspend physical acts of greeting such as handshakes until further notice.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your Website Editor or feel free to email me directly.

Jane Oddy
Operations Director