First Intern

The Inside Scoop

For the past 10 weeks I have been the development intern at Silicon Practice. My time here has involved developing responsive websites for a number of clients and creating a location app to help people find their closest GP Surgery. I know that probably sounds really dull to everyone who isn’t a developer but to me this was brilliant.

From day one I was given real work to do and encouraged to try and find solutions for problems on my own. I did have the full support of the development team and their director Steve, but mostly I worked on my own really learning how to cross browser test and use jQuery and JavaScript. My favourite part of this internship was developing the web app. This app takes your current location and calculates the distances between your location and a number of GP surgeries, telling you which one is closest to you. As it was my first time using jQuery mobile UI and Google maps JavaScript API, it took a lot of hard work and some help from Steve but in the end I was able to develop a useable web app which met all the clients’ needs.

During my summer here I always felt like I was part of the team; they encouraged me, joked with me and helped me to find my feet. Everyone at Silicon Practice was brilliant and in the end I made some great friends. So now I’m back off to Exeter Uni to finish my degree in Maths. Once again it’s more fun than it sounds! I’ve loved my time at Silicon Practice and I’m going to miss everyone.  Web development has been an interesting internship for me and I could see myself having it as a career, but I think I’ll try out some other jobs in the tech industry before I settle down.