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Foundation is an innovative, accessible and user-friendly general practice website built on the years of experience we have gained in building websites for use in primary care.

Incorporates the latest NHS England guidelines on usability and accessibility for GP websites.

Patient and practice feedback coupled with testing results gained in a lab environment have significantly influenced the navigation and content.

Adheres to NHS Web Standards

  • Uses the latest NHS design components.
  • Designed as mobile-first but equally at home on tablets, laptops and desktops
  • The uncluttered and proven interface enables patients to complete tasks rapidly
  • Easy to follow the main menu that focuses on allowing patients to achieve tasks
  • Incorporates a focus on the top eight tasks identified from NHS England’s research
  • Built to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG) AA compliance standard

Easily change the design to accommodate changing priorities

  • The unique drag and drop design facility allows customers to change the design dynamically while still retaining NHS design standards
  • Enables ICB and PCNs to standardise and evolve the design across all practices from a single interface
  • Make design changes across multiple websites, i.e. across the ICB or PCN. One change edits all sites across a region

Easy GP Practice Website Editor

Structure and edit content consistently

  • Create bespoke content at scale. One edit changes sites across the ICS, locality or PCN
  • Intuitive drag and drop editor allows you to instantly make changes without technical knowledge
  • Create an interactive experience for your patients that’s responsive across all devices

drag and drop editor practice website
general practice online services interface

Integrate with third-party systems

  • Connect patients to third-party tools, including other online consultation systems, to provide a unified online experience
  • Integration with the latest NHS self-help information
  • The local DOS can also be integrated if required

Improve Patient Support

  • Reduce phone calls to the practice by directing patients to the right advice or service
  • Decision trees help patients navigate to the right solution for their problem or condition
  • Signpost patients to local self-help groups, pharmacies, walk-in centres and hospitals

Add additional functionality to transform administrative heavy tasks into automated and efficiently managed processes when you need them.

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