Implementation Process

Standard Implementation Process

Step 1: Implementation: We work with the CCG sharing project management tools such as issue logs and status reports. We hold weekly Web Ex meetings to you throughout the implementation. For each practice site we customise the information on their site. Each Practice will receive:

Step 2: Preview Site: Having developed each practice’s FootFall site and incorporated their Practice specific information and practice branding we create a working preview site. This allows the practice to familiarise themselves with the service and trial it in the practice.

Step 3: Telephone Review & Telephone Training: We arrange a telephone review with each
practice. We then make agreed changes. We also include telephone training for up to three people in the practice. This training is supported by video tutorials that are incorporated into the product.

Step 4: Site goes live: When the practice has completed their training and are ready to go live with their new FootFall site, we release the site to the public under the practice’s current domain name. If the practice does not have a domain name, we suggest they have an NHS domain name or will include one for them at no additional charge.

CCG Rapid Roll-out Implementation Process

Our technique for a rapid roll-out process consists primarily of standardising the FootFall offering for the area, and replicating identical sites, changing only the practice name, address, contact information and opening hours. The plan is to customise these sites later as we have the time to do so.

Day 1: Operations Director contacts Project Lead at CCG. WebEx arranged with project lead and facilitators. Silicon Practice sends CCG project management tools and template practice communications for approval.

Day 2: Silicon Practice prepare the FootFall template. CCG send list of participating practices to Silicon Practice.

Day 3: Silicon Practice & CCG hold Web Ex Training Demo and Q&A’s with Practices. Silicon Practice send agreed introductory email +next steps to the Practices

Day 4: Silicon Practice send preview FootFall sites to Practices together with support instructions and training video tutorials.

Day 5 onward: FootFall sites go live with support from named Project Co-ordinator and editor at Silicon Practice.