Intranet Success – 5 Questions to ask yourself

Every team will have their own measures of success, but a great starting point will be seeing how easily you can answer the 5 following questions:

  • Does your intranet have a well-defined direction and purpose?
    Practices often cite “ensuring that our organisation has the documentation needed for CQC” as one of the prime objectives for their intranet. Many practices have then broken this down further to “ensuring that everyone is up to date on the protocols and policies that are relevant to their role.”
  • Does the intranet structure support staff needs?
    Many intranets try to be all things to all people.  This is where setting priorities based on what staff need to do their job becomes critical.  For example, does your team waste time finding out who they need to contact? In which case a single staff directory and one for external contracts would help to solve the problem.
  • Is the intranet designed to present information in an intuitive and engaging way?
    At this stage it is a good idea to prioritise the things that you want people to do on the intranet (for instance to “sign” that they have read the latest protocol) and balance this with the things that employees want to access. This will allow you to avoid overwhelming visitors with overly busy pages. Making sure that headings and menus are displayed in an engaging way will pay dividends in terms of encouraging usage.
  • Is ownership clearly defined and are the people who are responsible for delivering the intranet well supported?
    A successful intranet will require work and input.  Asking for project volunteers at the planning stage and assigning responsibilities will save your project from becoming a pie in the sky.
  • What are the feedback mechanisms for improving the intranet once it has been launched?
    Your team will expect the intranet to steadily improve to help them to get their work done. So consider having a feedback mechanism on your intranet that makes it easy for visitors to report a problem and to identify improvements. The feedback will provide you direction to target your efforts in the future.

And one final thought, with intranets, slow and steady most often wins the race.

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