Practice Content Editor User Guide

This user guide can be used to help practices edit their own emergency notices, news items and opening times using the Practice Content Editor.

What is the Practice Content Editor?

FootFall Versions 5 and 6 practices have access to a ‘Practice Content Editor’ an editing tool which enables practices to create, edit and update their own website:

  • Emergency Notices
  • Practice News
  • Practice Opening Times

Accessing the Practice Content Editor

Access and Logging in

  1. To access the Content Editor add: /practice-editor to the end of your practice website address
  2. Dashboard administrators* are able to log in using the same login details that are used to access the FootFall Dashboard
    *Access to the Practice Content Editor is restricted to dashboard
    administration roles only

address bar

Practice Content Editor Overview Page

Once logged in, you will see an overview page showing the current active Practice News posts, Emergency Notices, Opening Times and Public Holidays and Special Closures.


From the overview page you can select active messages to review and edit them.

You can also quickly add news, emergency notices or special closures from the overview too.

More advanced editing options are available in the menu on the left of the page

Emergency Notices

  • Select ‘Emergency Notices’ from the left menu
  • You will see ‘Live’ and ‘Draft’ emergency notices that have been set up

emergency notices

Adding an Emergency Notice

  • Select ‘Add emergency notice’
  • Choose a title that is relevant to the notice
  • Write your emergency notice – keep it as short and simple possible
  • Use the slider to make the notice Live or keep it as a Draft

Practice News

Select ‘Practice news’ from the left menu. Here you’re able to create new news posts, see active and expired news posts and review, edit, amend or delete previous news posts.

Adding a news post

Adding a news article

  • Select ‘Add news article’
  • Add a ‘Article headline’, this will be the title of your news post
  • Write the content of the news post on ‘Article Content’, you can use the formatting options to make your post engaging and draw attention with links and font formatting
  • Select a start date to schedule your post for a future date/time and an expiry date if applicable
    If no start date is selected, the post will be visible immediately on the
    website once ‘Publish’
  • Select Publish to publish/schedule your news post, if you want to come back to it later before publishing you can select ‘Save Changes’ to save as a draft.

Opening Hours and Special Closures

Amending opening hours

  • Select ‘Practice Opening Times’ from the left menu
  • Change opening times by selecting or typing in the time fields against each of the week days
  • Add additional closures i.e. for lunch hours using the + icon
  • Select ‘Save Opening Times’, the new opening times will be published to the website immediately

Adding a Special Closure

  • Use the + icon at the bottom of the ‘Practice Opening Times’ page to add a Special Closure
  • Add the closure date, times (or leave blank if it’s an all-day closure) and reason for closure
  • Select ‘Add’ to save the closure