Rapid Roll-Out Service for CCGs, PCNs and groups of practices

To allow rapid deployment of FootFall we are offering a Rapid Roll-out implementation of FootFall.

Our Rapid Roll-Out deployment technique, coupled with extensive training tutorials will allow practices to gain the advantages of FootFall with minimum administrative burden in set up and operation.

Also incorporates video consultation feature.

Rapid Roll-Out Technique

  • We create a FootFall site that would be standardised across the CCG with only the
    name and opening hours changed for each practice.
  • We have software that can rapidly replicate a standard site.
  • Rather than replacing the practice’s current website as we normally to we give
    practices a link to place on their current site.
  • This link produces a large pop-up on the site that links through to their FootFall site,
    which would now sit “behind” their website.
  • We would then email the practice with the link to place on their current website.
  • For practices that have no website we can set them up FootFall directly.
  • Later when there is more time, we will return to customise the FootFall sites and
    replace the current website is the practice wishes.
  • There would be no charge for the customisation.

Training videos

The FootFall implementation is supported by a series of training videos and webinars, and
email support.

The videos are broken down into bite size chunks so that staff only need to familiarise
themselves with the parts of the product they will be using. This will give the practice the
capability of getting their teams up to speed quickly, confident in their day to day work,
whilst helping to scale support when needed. As staff get familiar with the system, they can
familiarise themselves with the more advanced topic with additional videos.