Silicon Practice’s First Intern

Saying Goodbye to Hannah

We’re saying a fond farewell to our intern Hannah, who has been an important part of our team since the beginning of the summer. We always knew Hannah would leave at the end of August, but  now that we’re organising her leaving party we’ve suddenly realised that soon she’ll be back at Exeter University; continuing with her Maths degree and no longer part of our everyday life here at Silicon Practice.

When we interviewed Hannah for a summer internship all those weeks ago, one of the questions we asked her was “what do you want to get out of your time with Silicon Practice?”. Hannah told us that it was important that she felt included and that she undertook a project was useful rather than just being office tea maker.  She wanted to look back and remember what she had done, the team that she worked with and feel that the experience had positively shaped her future career.

Adding an intern to our team was always going to be a big undertaking especially since we wanted our intern to have the responsibilities as a full time member of staff, taking on real work with real problems to solve. We felt that this would allow our intern to make a significant contribution to the company and would give them a true taste of what it’s like to work here.

Over the last few months we had noticed an ever growing demand for responsive websites. So the shaping of Hannah’s time with us began as we worked out how many responsive websites we needed done and tried to gauge how many Hannah would be able to do while she was with us.

At first we thought that this would be a difficult task for her, but before we knew it she’d designed a number of responsive sites for our clients, blazing through a heavy work load with determination. Luckily for us as not long after she arrived we were asked by a client to create a web app to allow people to find their nearest Practice to the visitor’s current location.

We needed to understand the complexities behind utilising interactive maps on mobile devices to generate information in a user friendly way. Undaunted by the fact that she was going into unchartered waters Hannah started the project.  As her mentor, our Technical Director, Steve Treadwell was on hand to guide her through the project; however, Hannah worked on this assignment largely on her own and produced the final product ready for testing.  A huge achievement!

We’ll all miss Hannah greatly. She has been an important part of our team, fitting in brilliantly and bringing with her new thoughts, ideas and innovation.  The work she has done has been fantastic providing us with responsive website designs and a web app that we can be proud of.  After such a positive experience, we won’t hesitate to bring another innovative young intern to our team next time we have an exciting project.