FootFall Release 6.3.10

Quickly identify and prioritise minor patients with the new automated minor flags, and add appropriate codes that capture and reflect the patient’s narrative with the new and enhanced SNOMED code tools. These are just two of many enhancements featured in this release that improve user experience.

Take a look at the release notes below for a full list of updates.

FootFall Release Notes

Version: 6.3.10

Release date: 15.09.2022

Release impact: MEDIUM

This release is considered to be a medium impact release.

There may be some training and awareness required
to support staff with the new feature and enhancements
included in this release.

This release will have no impact on the patient population.

What’s new? 

Enhanced SNOMED Coding

We have added a new SNOMED feature to enhance the existing SNOMED coding options within FootFall.

The enhanced coding allows dashboard users to add additional SNOMED Codes appropriate to the patients episode before exporting to the clinical system.
Feature reference: FF-1426/FF-1347

See our ‘Guide to Adding SNOMED Codes’

What’s changed?

Updated Submission Details

We have made some changes to the Submission Details panel which contains the patient and proxy details within a patient episode.

You will notice some visual changes to the layout of this information along with new verification flags that have been introduced.
Feature reference: FF-1277/1323

PDS Proxy Verification and Updated Proxy Verification Flags

Proxy submissions are now verified against the PDS along with the patient details.

To support these changes we have included some new PDS verification flags so you are easily able to see if it is a proxy request, if the proxy is verified and if the proxy information relates to a staff submission.

You can expect to see the below flags for proxy related requests.
Feature reference: FF-1383

Flag for ODS Code Not Matched

Where patients submit an episode and the ODS code does not match the retrieved ODS code from  the PDS, you will see a new flag within the patients details to indicate where further checks and verification may need to take place.
Feature reference: FF-1403

Updated Forms Layout

We have updated layout of the forms on your website to provide clearer guidance for patients and proxies when they are completing a request online.  The new layout  features clear sections and some helpful completion instructions.

We have also incorporated some additional fields for proxy submissions to assist the proxy verification. Proxies will be asked:

  • Proxy relationship to patient
  • Proxy first name and surname
  • Proxy DOB
  • Proxy postcode
  • Proxy email
  • Proxy phone number

Feature reference: FF-1376, FF-1386

Minor Flag

To help dashboard users to identify, prioritise and triage minor requests (patients under the age of 16) a minor flag has been added to highlight these request types.

This flag can be seen from the episode overview and in the patient card details.
Feature reference: FF-1401

Mobile Number Validation

A telephone number validation has been added to Patient Forms. Now when practice staff use ‘Patient Forms’ to submit a request on behalf of the patient the telephone number will be checked for a mobile number.

Where a mobile number is entered into a form and the patient confirms SMS as a method of contact, an acknowledgement SMS message will be sent*.

*only applicable to practices with SMS feature enabled.
Feature reference: FF-1373

Design Added to Deleted Users

A new design has been added to help users differentiate between deleted dashboard users and disabled dashboard users.

Feature reference: FF-1362

Recording of Episode Outcome in the Patient Record

We have introduced a new prompt to improve the process of closing and exporting episodes. You now have the option of exporting the episode to the patient record at the point of updating the status to ‘Close’ and selecting the episode outcome*.

You will also see the option to include the episode outcome in your exporting options.

*only applicable to practices with clinical system integration enabled
Feature reference: FF-1382

Export Patient Episodes to the Clinical System as a PDF

We have included the option to export episodes into the clinical system as a PDF document rather than writing to the journal*.

Exporting the episode as a PDF will help to keep the journal compact but ensures the episode information is available if required.

*only applicable to practices with clinical system integration enabled
Feature reference: FF-1375

Video Consultation Validation Rules

We have removed the mandatory input of a patients  postcode on the video consultation booking page to allow video consultation to go ahead if the postcode is not specified.

The telephone number field has been updated to specify ‘Mobile number’ so SMS notifications can be sent to the patient*.

* only applicable to practices with SMS feature enabled.
Feature reference: FF-1405

Episode Labelling in the Clinical System

We have added the form name to the labelling when an episode is exported to the clinical system.

This change will make it easier for users to find patient’s episode in FootFall.

*only applicable to practices with clinical system integration enabled
Feature reference: FF-1519

What’s fixed?


  • Fixed video consultation buttons (mute/camera off) which were displaying the incorrect action. FF-885
  • Added error messages to the patient side of video consultation to help identify camera and microphone issues when joining a call. FF-1406
  • Fixed a notifications issue relating to patient requests that are submitted via the dashboard using ‘Patient Forms’. The issue caused notifications to send via email when the SMS option was selected as the preferred method of contact. FF-1316
  • Fixed an issue where the episodes were not displaying preview if the request was submitted via Patient Forms. FF-1082
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing ‘Waiting’ and ‘Assigned’ breached requests displaying within the ‘Breached’ list and the ‘Alerts’ filter.FF-1372
  • Fixed a bug within Local Routing where the tick was not displaying on selected groups. FF- 1370