Now ICB’s, PCN’s and Practices can build the best digital experience for their patients.

FootFall Elements is a series of separate FootFall components which can be assembled into a full digital practice. It’s based on the tried and tested FootFall Online Consultation product and uses the latest NHS Web Standards and NHS design components.

One platform many possibilities . . .

  • Each FootFall Element can be purchased separately or can be packaged with other Elements to create a full digital experience for your patients and practice.
  • FootFall Elements is designed to work with other third-party products. This means, for example, that Foundation can integrate with other online consultation systems and can also include the Forms Elements to complement these systems.
  • Only pay for the capabilities required. Add additional Elements as your needs change.


Accessible GP Website
Foundation is an innovative, accessible and user-friendly general practice website built on the years of experience we have gained in building websites for use in primary care.

The system incorporates the latest NHS England guidelines (September 2022) on usability and accessibility for GP websites and uses the latest NHS design components. Patient and practice feedback coupled with testing results gained in a lab environment have significantly influenced the navigation and content.

  • Designed as mobile first, but equally at home on tablets, laptops and desktops.
  • The uncluttered and proven interface enables patients to complete tasks rapidly.
  • Easy to follow main menu that focuses on allowing patients to achieve tasks. Incorporates a focus on the top eight tasks identified from NHS England’s
  • Integrates with third party tools and services, including other online consultation systems.
  • Unique drag and drop design facility allows customers to change the design
    dynamically while still retaining NHS design standards.
  • Enables ICB’s and PCN’s to standardise and evolve the design across all practices
    from a single interface.
  • Incorporates decision trees to help patients navigate to the right solution for their
    problem or condition.
  • Signposts patients to local self-help groups, pharmacies, walk in centres and hospitals. The local DOS can also be integrated if required.
  • Including integration with the latest NHS self-help information.
  • Built to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG) AA compliance standard.


The Forms Element allows the addition of forms and health review questionnaires to your Foundation site. If you have an existing Online Consultation (OC) system integrated into Foundation, the Forms Element allows you to complement your OC system with additional forms to build a comprehensive digital system.

  • 40+ forms to choose from, including New Patient Registration and a range of health review triage questionnaires.
  • Incorporates a practice dashboard with full triaging capabilities.
  • Includes staff forms submission and proxy forms.
  • The ability to reply to patients and to receive and send attachments.
  • Incorporates the facility to turn off forms and redirect patients during busy times or when the practice is closed.

EHR Integration

Advanced Integration with EMIS/SystmOne: Send an episode directly from the dashboard to the patient record. Send SNOMED-CT coded data into the clinical system. Send attachments such as images into the clinical system. Look up previous requests for a patient that is currently open. Edit the information before it is sent to the patient record.

FootFall Connect: A toolbar that can be used alongside FootFall to send a message to a patient via email or SMS Text, initiate a video consultation with a patient or view a patient’s FootFall requests (current available for EMIS integration).

Patient Verification: all patient requests are automatically checked against the PDS to verify their demographics and retrieve the NHS number.

Video Consultation

Embrace a new way of working and give the opportunity to patients to join face to face conversations from a convenient place such as home or work.

  • Video consultations can be run on demand (i.e whenever the clinician chooses) or scheduled.
  • Invite patients via any web enabled device (smartphone, tablet or
    desktop) without the inconvenience of downloading and installing an app.
  • Take screen captures at any point and save them to the clinical system.


eHub allows practices in PCNs, Localities and ICBs come together to centrally process forms through extra dashboards.

  • Create extra dashboards to share requests  among multiple practices.
  • Practices can have their online requests handled by centralised teams.
  • Specialist teams, such as MSK, can have their own dashboards to which practices can route requests.
  • Route requests to dashboards according to a schedule, such as when the practice is closed.
  • Route different request types according to different schedules.
  • Allows originating practices to track the processing of their requests being handled on other dashboards.

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