Make it easy for patients to help themselves. Make it easy to support them when they can’t.

FootFall accelerates Practice productivity by encouraging patients to do more online via a comprehensive digital practice. The intuitive design encompasses all parts of a GP Surgery.  It’s packed with national and local patient help, is  easy to use and comes with your own Administration Dashboard.

Why are GP Practices looking to FootFall to reduce costs?

FootFall is designed to create a truly extraordinary and comprehensive digital practice.

Our approach means that your patients are:

  • able to deal with many issues, questions and common conditions themselves
  • directed to another more appropriate health provider, or
  • if patients do require more help, that they are directed to an online request facility that is forwarded to either to the Practice or the appropriate health provider.

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How FootFall can boost productivity

The recent increase in patient demand impacts the entire Practice and puts pressure on all teams; GPs, reception, medical secretaries, practice nurses and the management team. Taking this into account we have designed FootFall to organise the  wide range of requests for services that Practices receive from their patients.  Here’s how FootFall can help with the overall productivity of the Practice while managing patient expectations:

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Decision Trees

Our Decision Tree approach takes patients through a pathway to help decide the solution that is best for their individual needs. For example obtaining a fit note.

Secure online requests

FootFall allows patients to initiate and request services and information via the web instead of having to complete a paper form, talk to someone over the phone or visit the Practice in person.  Making requests is much simpler and faster and reduces the time and cost of processing each query.  Our system currently supports a comprehensive suite of secure online forms for:

  • Long Term Conditions such as blood pressure, asthma, epilepsy, urinary tract.
  • Health Reviews such as smoking: mental health, breathlessness, alcohol consumption, contraception.
  • Travel Assessments
  • New Patient Registrations
  • Ask the Practice a question
  • Other forms such as appointment cancellations and repeat prescription requests.

Our online interactive forms can be customised to reflect your working practices.


Community Support Groups

Turn up the volume on the national and local support groups and empower your patients to get their problem answered quickly; they can gain speed access to the most appropriate healthcare for their needs whilst reducing your costs.


Puts everything your staff need to deliver exceptional service to your patients in one place. Our unique dashboard allows you to track and respond to enquires and requests. It has been designed to:

  • Give you a mechanism that allows the Practice to process the requests.
  • Allows responses to patients.
  • Keep an audit trail of requests and who accessed and responded to each request.
  • Automatically acknowledge the request made by the patient.


We make it your own

Easy to use, quick to set up. Get up and running quickly with a FootFall solution to meet your needs at no additional cost.

Customisation  – As part of our customisation service we incorporate your Practice branding, local support groups and practice-specific processes.

Your Practice Website – No more Practice website worries. Footfall comes with the “physical ” elements of your Practice such as opening times, practice news, practice policies CQC information and FFT so you don’t need a Practice website. Alternatively if you prefer, Footfall can be linked into your existing website.

Find FootFall Intriguing?

We have designed FootFall with our community of clients who have given their feedback and contributed their ideas to this exciting new product.  This has allowed us to do things together that none of us would be able to do alone.  We’re grateful for everyone’s help on the journey.